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About us

There is a kind of bliss that comes from a day awash in the sea, drenched in the sun; a perfect day bathed in beachiness. There is a radiance that bounces off us when we release everything stressful, grab our favorite people, or sometimes just ourselves, and go to the place where the earth ends and the ocean begins. To Diane, this place is heaven.

K Belo swimwear was created by Diane Belgrod, a native New Yorker, who was born on the beaches of Long Island, New York. Every weekend her entire family would set up camp on the beach at Tobay and stay until the sun went down. Even now this is something they still do, in the same spot, on the same beach.

For this reason all K Belo production is done locally in Long Island, New York, where the beach love affair began, and all trim and hardware are sourced locally in New York City’s historic Garment District. As a tribute to Diane’s Italian heritage, all K Belo fabric is made with beautiful and sustainable recycled Italian Lycra, which in addition to being gorgeous and of the highest quality, puts us one step closer to lessening our environmental impact. The name, K Belo, comes from the Italian phrase, "Che Bello", meaning "how beautiful"!

K Belo owner and designer Diane Belgrod, a New York artist, is inspired by form, movement and color, and seeks to highlight those elements in her artwork and designs. Through her use of ink and watercolor, she draws attention to the intricate universes of the often unseen, inviting the viewer to witness the inherent beauty of our natural world. Diane is excited to have transformed two of her own paintings into K Belo textiles for the Summer 2017/18 collection. Going forward all K Belo prints will be custom textiles that she has painted and designed from her own original artwork; combining her love of art with the ecological sustainability of K Belo's recycled fabrics. 

It is Diane’s wish that all K Belo bikinis be swam in, surfed in, slept in, caked in sand, washed by waves and worn with love. 

For additional information, please email contact@kbeloswim.com or contact us here!

More about our fabric

K Belo is thrilled to announce we are now using completely recycled fabric imported from Italy, made of pre & post-consumer materials (made from recycled fishing nets!) It has been a goal of ours to find fabric that not only meets our high standards for quality, fit and feel, but is also good for the environment, and now we have! 

Environmental info

The innovative ECONYL® Regeneration System is based on sustainable chemistry. With this process, the Nylon contained in waste, such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets, is transformed back into raw material without any loss of quality. 


Sustainable techno-fabric made with Econyl® - 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials - which, when tested in real life conditions proved to be two times more resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils than competitors' fabrics; these amazing results are achieved thanks to its innovative construction and to the presence of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™

- THINNER than the classic charmeuse (thickness reduced by around 20%).
- MORE COMPACT (does not show the typical channeling of non-run fabrics).
- SMOOTHER AND SOFTER thanks to the use of Multifilament Polyamide.
- OUTSTANDING POWER: high modulus for greater tensile strength.
- Excellent shape retention and fit thanks to the use of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre.

-  Impeccable also towards nature, it's made with 78% of Econyl, a 100% post-consumer waste polyamide yarn.

- 4 times more fabric compression power capacity than competitor’s fabric with other chlorine-resistant elastane.

-Double resistance to fibre breakage than the best competitor’s fabric.

-While the live pool tests have shown the indisputable resistance to chlorine, quality tests carried out in laboratory simulating real-life conditions of use for beachwear garments confirm superior resistance to degradation from creams and sun oils.

-When the action of pool water is joined by the effect of sunscreen, fabric damage is accelerated.
Unlike other swimwear elastanes, though, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre, shows no breaks even after leaving the swimsuit to 10 days of soaking. The fibre shows no breaks, even after 240 hours of exposure.

Additional fabric features:

Recycled polyamide

Ultrachlorine resistant

Sun creams and oils resistant

Muscle control

Shape retention

Excellent UV protection

Excellent coverage

Ultra flat




LYCRA® BEAUTY for swimwear








Diane, buried in the sand, rocking her fave pair of shades. Tobay Beach, Long Island, New York 1982

Diane recently, on a little boat somewhere, super happy. Hi!