K Belo

Diane is excited to have transformed two of her own paintings into K Belo textiles for the Summer 2018 collection. Going forward, all K Belo prints will be custom textiles that she has painted and designed from her own original artwork; combining her love of art with the ecological sustainability of K Belo's recycled fabrics. 

The K Belo Summer 2018 Goodnight print was created from an ink and watercolor painting also entitled Goodnight, that Diane painted at a live model drawing session she attends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 

Diane created the K Belo Summer 2017/18 Rose Leaves print by drawing in white ink only the leaves of the roses, which by themselves hold a mysterious and powerful strength and captivating beauty, independent from that of the roses. 

K Belo 2017/18  Goodnight  textile print, created from artwork by Diane Belgrod

K Belo 2017/18 Goodnight textile print, created from artwork by Diane Belgrod