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New Summer Swimwear & New Textiles!

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It's been a long while in the making, from the start of K Belo in 2007 to where I am now ten years (!) later. As a self taught designer, every season has been an evolution and a huge opportunity to learn something new, about fashion design and myself. Along the way, I began drawing again. I started by going to a live model drawing session in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York which I found out about while eavesdropping at a bar. (It's amazing how much you can learn that way!)

Three years later the people I draw with have become very good friends and I have figured out the steps to transform my artwork into textiles. This has opened up a whole world of possibilities for K Belo. I've always tried to find the most interesting and dynamic prints, which has been a hunt every season, and then have those designs printed onto the beautiful SPF 50 recycled fabric I source from Italy (made from re-woven recycled fishing nets and other Nylon materials). Now, I can't stop drawing textiles! It's so much fun and so exciting for me to be able to express my ideas through my own prints.

For the Summer 2017 season, I am happy to introduce for the first time my "Goodnight" print, made from a drawing I did at a live model session in 2015, and my "Rose Leaves" print, which I drew for a solo art show in which I drew a lot of abstract flowers. Nudes and flowers! (Please see the Art & Textiles page for more info.)

Thank you for letting me share this with you and continuing to believe in K Belo. I think about you wearing these suits to the beach and feeling so happy and that makes me so happy!

Happy Summer!



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 Yay!! I'm in love

Yay!! I'm in love